bornccThe Born Cultural Center is the hub not only for the neighborhood but also for Catalan culture. The Born Cultural Center of Barcelona opened on September 11, 2013 and initiated a celebration of the tercentenary events of 1714. Closely linked to this crucial episode in our history, it stands as testimony to the great Barcelona of 1700, being full of light, life, commerce, and prosperity that was then mutilated by those who attacked the freedoms of Catalonia.

This “city within a market” is an approach that allows an almost magical viewing of the soul Barcelona citizens through the centuries and it opens door to a world of excitement and epic creation.

The Born Cultural Center is a civic space and a covered plaza that connects the La Ribera neighborhood and Ciutadella Park, through a continuous passage from Passeig del Born and the Plaça Comerç until it opens to Passeig Picasso. Additionally, it provides:

A permanent exhibition
With thousands of artifacts found in this site along with models and videos, visitors can see, in the words of Albert Garcia Espuche that, “the decline of Catalan society in the 16th and 17th centuries, was, until now obscure” but this now shows the high quality of daily life in early 18th century Barcelona society in how they had the interiors of their homes, the clothes, the crafts, dances, music, language …

A reflection on the past, present and future
The Born Cultural Center is a singularly unique public space, and forms a living memory of a historic artifacts and properties that is unprecedented. It is rooted in the foundations of the past, to consider the complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s dreams. The was same dream in 1700s when the Catalans did not want to ever give up prosperity nor freedom.

An ambitious program
To mark the opening, the first temporary exhibition is the “Siege of Barcelona”, which combines the epic battles along with everyday life under the siege. In addition, visitors can see an ambitious program of contemporary events: music, theater, puppetry, markets, seminars, conferences and workshops.

centerThe center has several spaces for cultural activities including a dining and events. The space below will be dedicated to the museum detailing the archaeological excavations of the foundations of the old market. Undoubtedly the most attractive part of the center is the museum of La Ribera, frozen in time since its demolition in the 18th century after the defeat of Catalonia in the War of Spanish Succession. These ruins are the actual orientation of the streets of the medieval period, and more than 50 houses, wells, bars, shops and other parts of life that was during this time.

The upper area of ​​the center is open daily, Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-20:00 and visitors are free to pass through. The ruins however can only be visited by accompaniment with a guide, available at the ticket desk by the entrance.

The Espai Gastronòmic Moritz is open from 10:00-24:00 Tuesday to Sunday.

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